What does Clean Yards do?

We are a Waste Removal Service that is dedicated to pets and pet owners by making their homes a happier, safer and cleaner place to live. We clean residential and commercial properties of dog waste. 

How often should I have my yard cleaned?

That depends on your personal situation, how often your dog uses your yard and how many dogs you have. Most clients prefer service once a week. Other service schedules are available, such as twice weekly, bi - weekly, and monthly

Are there any contracts to sign?

No, we can start and stop your service over the phone or by email. We do not require contracts, there is no minimum service period, just call us and inform us 1 day before that you are canceling service.

Is there an extra charge for the first time cleaning?

New clients do have an initial cleanup fee if there is an excessive amount of accumulation. Initial cleanup fees are a one-time first-time charge because the first cleaning is normally a much bigger job. This will be discussed with you in advance and payment is due upon completion of service . In most cases if the yard has been maintained the initial cleanup fee is waived.

Is it possible to get a one-time-only service?

Sure! One-time-only, or short-term service may be easily arranged.

What do you do with the waste?

Waste is properly disposed of in accordance with city regulations. We take it with us when we leave! This is included as part of your regular service.

Is your equipment sanitized?

Yes. In order to prevent the spread of infectious canine viruses, we sanitize all equipment and footwear before and after visits.

Do I have to be home when you clean my yard?

No, however we will need access to your yard. Please have your gate unlocked on your service day. If your gate is locked when we arrive to do the work and nobody is home to unlock it for us, it may be necessary to charge for the service call that could not be completed.

Can you work with my dog in the yard?

In most cases, yes. We get along well with dogs, however, there are some cases when a dog will not allow us into the yard. If you know your dog is not good with strangers, or it becomes apparent that your dog will not allow us to service your yard, and then we will ask you to confine the dog. If nobody is home and your dog will not allow us to clean the yard when we arrive to do the work, it may be necessary to charge for the service call that could not be completed.

What if I want to skip a day?

You will not be charged as long as you notify us by either phone or email a minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled date of service. If the dog will be gone from the yard for an extended period of time, contact us and we will gladly put your service on hold so you will not be charged for those days.

What about holidays?

We care for you but we love our family so we do not work on public holiday.

When a holiday falls on your regular service day, we will resume service the next business day. ie if your service day is Monday but the holiday falls on that day we will do our best to service on Tuesday or Wednesday.

Does Clean Yards Offer any discounts?

Absolutely. We offer a 10% discount to Seniors, Military Personnel, Disabled and Assistance Dog Owners.

Do you work through the winter?

Yes. Dogs keep making their messes all year long and we will continue to clean up and remove dog waste throughout winter. Some clients prefer to put service on hold for the cold months, in which case there will be an extra service charge for the first clean up the following spring.

Can I sign up during the winter?

Yes. We operate year round and signing up can be done anytime. However, due to the fact that service has been started during winter or after the snow has started to accumulate a spring cleanup charge will apply at signup. We will then preform weekly cleanups to prevent anymore waste accumulation during winter. In the event of a mid-winter thaw we will arrange to perform a cleanup at a time in which it will not interfere with our regular daily schedule.

What happens when it rains or snows?

Bad weather is a part of life, yet we usually can work through it. Very heavy snowfall or rainfall can stop us though. If the weather prevents us from servicing your yard, we will postpone that days service until your next scheduled date of service. We are unable to offer any form of credit  for service missed due to inclement weather conditions because of twice the amount of waste to be cleaned on our next visit.

How do I pay you?

Payments can be made by cash, cheque or online with a credit card or bank account through Paypal.

An amount of $35.00 will be charged each time a cheque is returned from a bank or other financial establishment due to insufficient funds. This charge is billed to offset costs the bank charges for processing a returned cheque.

What does your company mean by “Satisfaction Guaranteed”?

We know our business depends on doing excellent work, and it's the quality of our service on which we stake our success. We are working very hard to make our name mean reliable, high-quality service. We always strive to provide perfect service, but if there is ever a time when our service is not completely satisfactory, please let us know right away. We will make it right, by coming back to re-clean the yard the same day or the next day.
There are certain circumstances, which we are unable to guarantee service. We will always make every effort to clean in the best manner possible, but we cannot guarantee service under the following conditions:

Do you clean up waste in flower beds?
Yes, it is a more time consuming job as we do not want to damage any of your flowers, so it is generally an additional cost to do so - please let us know if this is an add on you require.

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